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Changing the way you buy cars

2010 Porsche Cayman for FREE (Five Vehicles) is offering 5, brand new, 2010 Porsche Cayman for FREE to five lucky buyers of Exotic & Ultra Luxury cars. Winner must have bought an Exotic/Ultra Luxury car (vehicles that cost more than $100,000 in US market) through, and must have met following requirements in order to qualify

Qualification Requirements:

  1. At the time of submitting requests for quotes, buyer must have given 14 Days to sellers to submit their bids/offers when requesting bids. This is done through selection of “Within next 14 Days” option under "Bids must be submitted by dealers within" drop-down on the page where buyers enter details of what they are looking for (as shown below).
Picture below is to give visitors an idea about the vehicle we are offering; actual vehicle might vary

Picture curtsy of Porsche Cars North America

Why 14 Days? Our website is new; sellers are not much familiar with the bidding process and need to learn how to make comparable vehicle offers. Giving them extra time helps them learn our website and submit even better prices for buyers
  1. Buyer must have requested bids for a vehicle that costs more than $100,000 in US market (our website treats only the models that cost > $100,000 as exotic/ultra luxury; you can view list of such automobiles here
  2. Dealerships require buyers of exotic & luxury cars make $5000 initial deposit within 24 Hrs of accepting a bid/offer. Only the buyers making such deposit within 24 Hrs of accepting a bid/price will be considered
  3. Buyer must have given the dealership a star rating and feedback (comments). This is to make sure buyers leave some kind of a feedback for future buyers

Frequently asked questions:

When the winners are going to be announced? A winner will be announced as soon as we hit following milestones (number of vehicles bought through our website): 500th, 1000th, 1500th, 2000th and 2500th vehicle bought through our website

A winner will be selected among buyers of last 500 vehicles, and will be notified via email to start vehicle delivery process. Winners must meet and agree to additional Terms & Conditions listed below in order to get their vehicle

I am a potential buyer; how do I participate in this promotion? Buyers of first 2500 vehicles with an accepted bid/offer amount of $100,000 or less who meet above qualification criteria are automatically enrolled. There is no other way to enroll

What are the odds of winning? One in 500 assuming all are unique buyers (Example: If 50 buyers have bought 100 vehicles out of 500, odds of winning will be 1 in 450 buyers)

Additional Terms and Conditions:
  • A basic 16 GB version without 3G Wireless option is being offered without any additional accessories
  • pays all taxes and shipping is also included in this offer
  • Winners are responsible to pay for all federal, state, county, dealership, government agencies, etc. taxes and fees including any taxes winner must pay to the IRS when filing their taxes
  • This does not apply to sellers: Submitting multiple requests for bid will increase a buyer’s chance to win since a winner will now be picked from within a smaller pool of buyers
  • will use random database record selection mechanism to select a winner; there is no limitation how many times same buyer can win
  • Winner will be sent an email and an iPad will be shipped to the address we will have on file for the winner
  • If an iPad is not available at Apple Store in San Antonio or Austin in Texas, we reserve the right to offer winner an alternate item valued at $500 or less in consumer market. Buyer will be asked however for this choice but Inc’s decision will be final and could not be challenged
  • Under no circumstances any winner or a legal representative will be paid any money or cash as a reward
  • reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at anytime without notice and without paying anybody any fee, penalty, or any other sort of compensation
  • Participants in this program agree to most updated version that will be on our website at the time winner is announced
  • Buyers, dealerships and winners, all agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Inc., its officers, directors, employees, members, agents and affiliates from and against any claims, actions or demands directly or indirectly arising out of or as the result of, any promotion or promotions displayed on website or found in any email, print media, or through any other way of communication
  • Have questions/concerns about this offer? Please Contact Us

    Thank you!

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