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Changing the way you buy cars
About Us – Who We Are? Inc is an Internet startup; a privately held company having no association with Paul Graham or Y Combinator but ever since he wrote "Startup Ideas We'd Like to Fund” in 2008, some thoughts came to the mind of an Internet Junkie, who, along with a small team of like-minded techanatics designed and developed website

Are we trying to compete with eBay?
We quoted Paul Graham earlier but unlike his thoughts about creating competition for eBay, we developed something quite opposite

Using buyers don’t bid on cars but dealerships submit their bids or offers to potential buyers. Buyers don’t have to buy from the lowest bidding dealership either, and buyers can see contact information of the seller ... all of this is exactly opposite of eBay!

What about Sales Lead Generation; are we trying to compete with them?
YES! Because sales lead generation model is flawed business model without any benefit to automobile buyer what-so-ever. Sales lead generation business would have been DEAD if dealerships were not in a desperate need to sell even a single car in this economy at any cost. Sales lead websites are in business not because buyers want to use them but because dealerships don’t have a choice and continue to pay money to such websites without much in return.

Buyers waste their time, lose their identity, and are left on the mercy of car salesmen or additional businesses getting buyer’s information from such websites. Buyers are smart and well aware of all issues they face using so-called Get FREE Quotes websites but they did not have a choice prior to

Why dealerships should use website?
Because we bring serious buyers to the dealerships and let the dealerships sell their cars … whole bunch of cars … to buyers who have paid money to enter dealership lot; no doubt we have buyers that are serious about buying cars. Statistics show only 1 to 3 percent of automobile sale leads convert into actual sales but we have over 40% conversion rate. Not only this we charge buyers money and pay it to the dealerships through our Dealership Rewards Program ... It pays to be a dealer™

Why buyers should use website?
  • Buyers save money
    Remember Lending Tree’s message? "When banks compete, you win®”? We let the dealerships compete so that buyers can save money (Note: When banks compete, you win® is registered trademark of being used as reference only to help visitors understand our operating model)
  • Buyers get the privacy and freedom they deserve!
    NO more calls from salesmen chasing them at home or work or sending them emails even after they have bought a car! Don’t agree? Submit a request for quotes on any so called FREE Quotes websites and you’ll know what we meanJ
  • No pressure from the dealerships to buy the car they want to sell!
    Yes; dealerships want to sell certain cars to certain buyers. We don’t let the buyers fall in this trap. Car is an expensive item; we don’t let the dealerships influence a buyer’s decision. Our website protects the buyers from a lot of hassle
  • Buyer’s identify and personal information is safe!
    Unlike other websites, we are NOT going to send a buyer’s information to bunch of dealerships to contact you or sell it to someone else. Buyer’s information is visible to only the dealership of buyer’s choice!
  • Buyer IS the boss ... Yes!
    • Compare incoming bids and offers side-by-side
    • Accept a bid or an offer when it makes sense ... or just move on (there is no salesman sitting in front of you)
    • Communicate with dealerships via without revealing your identity or feeling any pressure ... how easy is it to close the browser vs. leaving a parking lot?

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