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Changing the way you buy cars
Welcome to our "Reverse Auctions Website"

STEP – 1: Customers Submit Request for Bids On Our Website

STEP 2: Dealerships Submit Their Bids/Offers to The Customers ONLINE!

Customer gets bids from dealerships across the country/selected areas, compares bids side-by-side, communicates with dealerships, negotiates prices if needed, and a lot more!

Dealerships are allowed to offer “comparable vehicles” to buyers through Comparable Offers Program that lets dealerships offer the customer something other than what customer is actually looking for. This helps customers get even better deals (settling for an Accord vs. Camry or vice versa might save customer a lot!)

Dealerships are competing against each other which means lowest possible price for you across the country!

STEP - 3: Customers Accept Bid/Offer They Liked!
Dealerships Get Paid Too!


*Price Lock Guarantee From Dealerships:
As part of our contract, every dealership has agreed not to change their price and must hold the vehicle for buyer for at least 14-days after customer accepts their bid/offer and pays initial deposit of $500 (customers are required to pay initial deposit within 24-Hrs of accepting a bid/offer). Dealerships have also agreed adjust final sale price by deducting initial deposit of $500 and customer’s contribution towards Dealership Rewards Program hence making our services absolutely FREE for buyers.

**What is Dealership Rewards Program; How the dealerships get paid?

To encourage dealerships participation and help our customers get lower bids, our website pays 3 dealerships with lowest 3 bids an equal amount of money through Dealership Rewards Program (DRP).

In our example, Dealerships A and B won’t get any reward but Dealerships C, D, and E get equal amount of money (being bottom 3 bidders) from a bid-specific DRP Bucket customer is required to add some funds to every time they request a bid (customers have a choice how much money they want to add to this bucket; can be anywhere between $20 to $100). For additional program information please visit: Dealership Rewards Program

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